Akron German Family Society

Akron German Family Society

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Sausage orders due this Sunday Sept 10th.....Akron German Family Society

Please, don't miss out on enjoying the delicious homemade sausage made by the Youth Group. They do a fantastic job of making thousands of pounds of fresh sausage.
It's made twice a year and has become a truly successful and unique event for all those that enjoy delicious homemade sausage!
Available in regular or hot, in casing or in ground bulk. The sausage is wrapped fresh in 3 lb packs and sells for $13.50  ($4.50 lb) per pack. ***NO price increase

The orders are due this coming Sunday Sept 10th and the pick-up date will be Sunday Sept 24th from 4-7pm.
Please, place your sausage order now with a Youth Group member.
Otherwise, please place your order with Carri or Steve Sensius, our Youth Group leaders, by calling 330-899-9848.

Thank you so very much for your support!!!!

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