Akron German Family Society

Akron German Family Society

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Mike Kostensky, owner of Mike's Place, is the guest speaker at German-American Day Dance & Schlachtfest Sat. October 7, 2017.....Akron German Family Society

We are pleased to have Mike Kostensky as our guest speaker. Mike is the owner of Mike's Pace in Kent, Ohio. We look forward to him sharing what our German club has meant to him and to our surrounding community.
Thank you Mike!

This event is special in many ways. We enjoy time together to remember how close our connection remains  with our German-American heritage. Through many generations we share customs of language, food, dancing, and through this we cherish our Akron German Club members and new emerging families.

Please, come to this event for a night of dancing to the Fred Ziwich Band as well as enjoy Schlachtfest. Schlachtfest, or slaughter fest, is a time to come together and taste various homemade sausages and meats made in our very own kitchen. Many years of traditional recipes and customs make up such delicious specialty meats including homemade sausage, leberwurst(liverwurst), blutwurst(Blood Pudding),  and Schweinskopfsülze( Head Cheese).
We look forward to seeing you and please remember that reservations are required.
Please Call Renate at (330) 633-3949.

Dinner starts at 6pm and entertainment is provided by Fred Ziwich Band starting at 7:30.

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