Akron German Family Society

Akron German Family Society

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Order your Sausage Now!.......Akron German Family Society

It's time for our Fall 2017 Sausage making. 
Sausage is now on sale at the Akron German Family Society!
Our Youth Group members make the sausage twice a year, as it has become a truly successful and unique event for all those that enjoy delicious homemade sausage!
Available in regular or hot, in casing or in ground bulk. The sausage is wrapped fresh in 3 lb packs and sells for $13.50  ($4.50 lb) per pack. ***NO price increase

Orders Due by: Sunday Sept 10th
Sausage pick-up date: Sunday Sept 24th from 4-7pm.

Made fresh by the "Youth Group Members"! 

* No additives or preservatives.
* 100% of proceeds benefit the Youth Group.
* Regular or hot casing is available!
* The ground bulk is great in spaghetti, lasagna, meatloaf, and for burgers on the grill!
*For those that like to smoke or dry their sausage, it's outstanding!

Please, place your sausage order now with a Youth Group member. 
Otherwise, please place your order with Carri or Steve Sensius, our Youth Group leaders, by calling 330-899-9848.

Thank you so very much for your support!!!!

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Volunteers needed for Oktoberfest 2017....Akron German Family Society

We gain so much from volunteer work, in the friends we meet, as well as the personal fulfillment in helping others.
****We are seeking members to volunteers to help at our Oktoberfest that will be held on Friday through Sunday September 8-10th.
Please, call Nina Frischherz at 330-696-8521 or email at ninaeff@gmail.com to help various areas such as in the kitchen, bar, and entrance/parking/tickets etc. Nina will help you find the right place that is of interest to you as well as offer ideas to where our volunteers are needed the most.
If you have already signed up to volunteer "please, ask your friends and family to join in the fun with you". It truly is a great time! In volunteering for this special event you will know how much fun it is as well as why the the word "Family" is in our club name. We are "one big family" and we welcome each and every one of our members to come out and share in volunteering with their friends and family.

Thank you so very much for volunteering and for your help!! We promise you that you will want to come back for more...:)

Monday, August 7, 2017

Oktoberfest 2017!!.....September 8-10th....Akron German Family Society

It's Oktoberfest time at the Akron German Family Society! We welcome one and all!
Plan to attend our three day event from Friday, September 8th through Sunday, September 10th including the most authentic homemade German food around! The German beer, wines, dancing, live bands, German clothing and goods, and many great fun activities for everyone in the family is waiting for you!
See the details below of the daily bands, dance group performances, as well as our extensive menu! Sunday is always a perfect day for families with children to enjoy games, balloon making, and much more!
We very much look forward to celebrating Oktoberfest 2017 with you!