Akron German Family Society

Akron German Family Society

Monday, April 24, 2017

Maifest 2017 on Sat. May 20th.....Akron German Family Society

The Akron German Family Society welcomes you to our Maifest on Saturday May 20th at 5:30pm.

Carolyn Langenfeld shared some thoughts on our Maifest. Carolyn and Lisa Blaser are the Junior Youth group dance instructors.
Maifest (or Mayfest in English) is the traditional celebration of the arrival of spring.  A key component of Maifest is the Maibaum (literally: May tree) or, as we call it in English, the Maypole. A Maibaum is typically adorned with spring flowers and ribbons, but some also include placards and signs, sausages and cakes to show off the history and crafts of a town. Traditionally, the Maibaum would be set up in the middle of a town, and had to be guarded, as neighboring towns would attempt to steal them from each other and hold them for ransom...often a keg of beer.  Tradition states that dancing around the Maibaum brings revelers good luck and wealth.
In Bavaria, young men would cajole eligible girls to dance around the Maibaum with them, in hopes of a Spring wedding. If a wedding were to result, the Maibaum would be placed in front of the bride's house.

Maifest at the German Family society is a Dinner Dance, and the JR YOUTH GROUP will entertain with a set of folk Dances, including a traditional Maypole dance. There will be some fun basket raffles to enhance to evening festivities.
Carolyn, thank you very much for sharing!
Also, K&C Band will be on hand for your favorite music to dance throughout the evening of Maifest.
Please, call now to make your reservations! See below for details...

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