Akron German Family Society

Akron German Family Society

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Congratulations of 150 years to St. Peter of the Fields!......Akron German Family Society

We were so pleased to be a part of the of St. Peter of the Fields 150 year celebration held at Akron German Family Society on Sunday April 23, 2017.  Bishop George Murry, Bishop of the Diocese of Youngstown and Fr. David Misbrener, the parish Priest of St. Peter of the Fields, along with other nearby priests and many parishioners came together to celebrate this momentous and very special event. The guests enjoyed a delicious home-cooked meal of hand breaded pork chops, roasted chicken, spaetzle, green beans, salad, and a wide array of delicious homemade German pastries! Fr. David has a close and personal history, along with his mother and father, to the Akron German Family Society. Fr. David is the celebrant of the yearly outdoor Catholic Mass held on the last Sunday in June of our Old European Fest.
***We were overjoyed that St. Peter of the Fields chose the Akron German Family Society for their celebration. Thank you so much!

If you are thinking of hosting a special event please consider the Akron German Family Society.
See the link below for detailed Hall Rental information and pictures.
Hall Rental Information

St. Peter of the Fields can be found at.....St. Peter of the Fields
Thank you to Gunter Frischherz for taking the below pictures of this event!


  1. Amazing! I remember the 100 year celebration...ew brother I am old!

  2. Thank you for responding Dale and what great memories I bet!