Akron German Family Society

Akron German Family Society

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Weihnachts Programm "Christmas Program 2016" Sunday Dec 4......Akron German Family Society

The Weihnachts Programm  "Christmas program" will be celebrated on Sunday Dec. 4th a 2pm.
Holding true to our past customs and traditions, this special yearly event brings the joys of Christmas to our children and their families. The Akron German Family Society inside hall will be fully decorated for the season including ribbons, garland, lights, and at "center stage" our beautiful Christmas tree!

Special dance performances, singing, music, as well as poems in German and English will be provided by the Junior Youth and Kindergruppe members. 

Carolyn Langenfeld and Lisa Blaser lead the Junior Youth Group. 
Carolyn shared, ...the Jr Youth Group members have a lovely Weihnachts programm which includes short poems in German and traditional Weihnachtsleider (Christmas Carols). We thank Anna Koenig for planning the program and Fred Leipold for his accordion  playing. The kids have 2 dances that have not been performed in several years with which they will treat the audience. This will be the final Jr Youth Group performance for 10 dancers...who will be moving up to the Youth Group in December!

Katrina Marmaduke and her mother Liz Miller lead the Kindergruppe. 
Katrina shared,... our kids start practicing the songs and poems in early October. Repetition is key so they need lots of practices to get it down. We have a Christmas dance that we've prepared as well. Thanks to Mrs. Koenig for working with us to put together lines and songs for our kids as well as working with the Jr. Youth Group. Roughly, we have 36 kids in our group ages 4-9 years old. We always include the story of the manger, Jesus, Mary, and Joseph.. It's important to our heritage and that's what we're trying to share with the Christmas program, we want to share our heritage. Elders from the club light the blue candle at the end of the program. and then the lights are dimmed and the entire club sings Silent Night, in English and German. Finally we have a special visitor that comes down from the North Pole every year to see all the kids, Santa!

This event is very popular among our members and has traditionally been filled to capacity. No reservations are required or entrance fee charged. The doors open at 1pm.. Each table will enjoy a tray of homemade cookies, after the performances. The cookies are provided by the families of the Junior Youth and Kindergruppe members.

***Reminder, there will also be a "special guest arriving from the North Pole" to visit and personally give each child a gift. These are some wonderful moments for pictures!
Come and enjoy!

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Frohes Thanksgiving...Happy Thanksgiving! Akron German Family Society

From our family to yours.....Frohes Thanksgiving!
There is much to be thankful for in our hearts, in our families, in our friends, and all that we are now and to become.
May each and every one of you have blessed moments on Thanksgiving!

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Traubenfest "Grape Festival" 2016 was OUTSTANDING!

Traubenfest or Grape-Wine Fest was held on Saturday November 12. The hall was filled with adults enjoying wine and appetizers, talking with friends, all the while seeing the kids "eyeing" the surprise bags of fruit, toys, special chocolates, candies, and even wine hanging from lattice above the dance floor! The homemade dinner was delicious as always!
K & C Band entertained and played popular dance music for all to enjoy. The highlight of the evening, after the first band break, was when the dance floor filled with those ready to dance and grab prizes.
The Youth Group members "police" circled around and interweaving the dancers to catch those that "steal" the hanging items. If caught, you go directly to "jail" and a simple donation to the Youth group will quickly get you out to dance again and grab more prizes!
The pictures show the fun and excitement of Traubenfest 2916!

David Hall's high resolution print quality pictures can be found at Traubenfest 2016 Pictures
Well done David!