Akron German Family Society

Akron German Family Society

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Frauenschaft "Ladies Group" 55th Anniversary Program...Akron German Family Society

The Frauenschaft "Ladies Group" 55th Anniversary Program was held on Sat, May 14th. Special gifts were presented to the ladies in recognition of their dedication and love of the club!
The entire evening, beginning with the formal program, speeches, awards, acknowledgements, dinner, band, music, and performances by the Junior Youth and Tanzegruppe's was wunderbar!!
Please, share your experience at the Frauenschaft 55th Anniversary Program.....

Thank you to Michael Rodesheim and Joan Hall whom provided the beautiful pictures included below.
Special thanks to Amy Stagl for the exceptional work and many hours with developing the Anniversary Program's for people to take home!

Rudy Stagl, President of Akron German Family Society, presented a warm and personal speech for the Frauengruppe Anniversary...(See entire speech below)

Liebe Frauenschaft, Mitglieder und Gäste.
Herzlich willkommen zum funfundfuenfzigsten Jubiläum der Frauenschaft unseres Vereins.

Dear Guests, and to our beloved Frauengruppe, Welcome and Happy Anniversary.  We are so very proud to be here today celebrating 55 years as the Heart of our German Family Society.   For many of us we have watched our Grandmothers and Mothers work side by side to provide 10’s of thousands of meals- that have been provided over the many years- to our members and guests.
We say the Heart of this organization for without them, there would not be a Club today. Our ladies not only provide and prepare meals for our members and guests but help keep all facets of our club running smoothly.
Whether it is supporting members that have fallen ill, to providing meals and support for members’ families during a loss, to making a bride and groom’s special day more special, they have always been there to support our club and members.
Our Festival attendance continues to grow and if you ask any of our guests, what brings them out? Their response is usually:  “It’s the delicious homemade food that we offer.” Our kitchen ladies prepare thousands of pounds of food for these events and spend countless hours preparing food for our Festivals.
To our Current and long standing President, Helga Hippich, Thank You- for all that you do in supporting me as Co-President of our Club. You have modernized the operations of our Kitchen, and are always looking at how to make things easier and better for your ladies. To all Frauengruppe members, we Thank You for the years of dedication and hard work that you have provided to our Club.
 Helga has also done a wonderful job in bringing in new members and making these transitions seamless to us, the club members.  I cannot say enough about Helga and our Frauengruppe.                  Thank You all, We love you, and look forward to many more successful years ahead.

Thursday, May 12, 2016

Muttertag "Mother's Day" Program 2016....Akron German Family Society

The kids don't just do it for the cookies....
However, the homemade cookies from all of the families that attend the Muttertag or Mother's Day Program are something to look forward to! The Kindergruppe and Junior Youth Group put on an endearing performance including singing, reciting poems, and dancing for those they love! Mothers, grandmothers, and great-grandmothers were enamored to hear such touching songs sung in German and English.

Poems read in German pulled at the heart-strings for sure!

The German Family Society recognizes the close connection that the children have with their Mothers and hold this event to show their joy, appreciation, and sincere love of these special ladies.

Much thanks goes out to the dance group instructors Liz Miller, Katrina Marmaduke, Carolyn Langenfeld, Lisa Blaser, and for the dedication in German teaching by Anna Koenig, and live accordion music by Fred Leipold. We also thank Betty Leipold for helping the children with German pronunciation of the songs and poems, and with dance practices. Alexis Coleman has also been quite helpful to fill in dancing and offering to play the music during practices.

David Hall, as always, the pictures you took captured the beautiful moments of the Mother's Day Program!

For higher print resolution photos, see the link, Mother's Day Pictures.