Akron German Family Society

Akron German Family Society

Thursday, October 29, 2015

Traubenfest "Grape Festival" Nov. 14th.....Make Reservations Now.....Akron German Family Society

Plan to attend Traubenfest or "Grape-Wine Fest" on Saturday, November 14th at 6 pm.
For this members only event, the German Family Society hall will be decorated with a fantastic winery theme. Enjoy this special evening as you walk among grape vines, lattice, and the sounds of Germany with a live band.
Savor cheese and cracker appetizers while sampling an array of well chosen wines.

This event is "perfect" for children of all ages! Why?....Because, the children, and adults, try to grab bags of toys, fruit, and other prizes hanging from the lattice over the dance floor. The Youth Group members serve as the "police" to catch those stealing the hanging gifts. When caught, the person goes "behind bars" in the side jail....in hopes of being bailed out with a few dollars. The "Bail Money" that is raised will benefit the Youth Group trip to Germany during the Summer of 2016.

You are sure to enjoy the delicious homemade meal of swiss steak, baked chicken, mashed potatoes, green beans, salad, and rolls! A delicious assortment of desserts will also be available. Entertainment and music for an evening of dancing will be provided by Edelweiss Combo.

Reservations are required prior to Monday November 9th, by calling Mrs. Renate Moellmann at 330-633-3949. If you are unable to attend, please call and give notice so that others may be added.

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

German American Day 2015 .....Akron German Family Society

The special evening, to commemorate German American Day, began with a delicious meal prepared by the many dedicated and talented kitchen staff of volunteers. The baked chicken, pork roast, spaetzel, potatoes, bread, and salad was delicious, as were the desserts. The evening events started with a procession onto the dance floor from members of the Junior Youth, Youth, as well as the Tanzgruppe. Together, the groups led the guests in singing the American and German National Anthems. Peter Karsti with his Band, Eintracht, entertained throughout the night with live music for enjoyment and dancing.

German American Day is an event to celebrate the joining of traditions, blending of strengths, and sharing experiences of each generation within these two cultures. It was quite fitting to hear the close and sentimental poem as read in German by Mrs. Koenig. Mrs. Koenig's words, and those of many of our long standing and new members, believe that we share our culture, what is good, being hard working, and especially generous to others is the way in which our club thrives.  It is in this joining of cultures that we have dedicated volunteers working for the good of the club and family.
Rudy Stagl, President, spoke fondly of his heritage and what his German American culture, from childhood to today, means to him.

Special awards and honorary medals were given to those that have served on the board for longevity of service and to those having made significant and meaningful contributions to our club. Over 33 awards were given to Board Members for their dedication to serving and 5 Honorary Member awards given to acknowledge each persons contribution.  A new Lifetime Dedication Award was established to recognize those serving over 30 years.   Mrs. Mary Rickert, Mrs. Eva Lehner, and Mrs. Betty Leipold were presented with a beautiful engraved mahogany clock with the inscription, Auszeichnung für lebenslange Verdienste or "Lifetime Dedication Award"
Each of the dance groups performed several dances for those attending this special evening.
Thank you David Hall for taking the pictures included in this article. Higher definition picture quality images may be found at Pictures Page 1 and to Pictures Page 2 


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