Akron German Family Society

Akron German Family Society

Monday, August 31, 2015

Fall 2015 Newsletter....German Family Society

Welcome to our Fall 2015 German Family Society newsletter.
See a recap of our recent Spring and Summer events and travels. There are many upcoming Fall events to look forward to attending!
Come out to our Oktoberfest that will be held Friday, Sept. 11 through Sunday, Sept. 13. Our Oktoberfest promises to continue with our rich German heritage of everything authentic from our homemade food, dancing from our four dance groups, live music, and much more. This event is one to not miss.

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Jimmy Buffett Night 2015 with Tom Watt & the Fruitcakes...... Akron German Family Society

The German Family Society welcomed back the music of Jimmy Buffett with the band Tom Watt "The Buffettman" & the Fruitcakes on Saturday August 15th. The evening was spectacular as you heard the best of Jimmy Buffett music and songs. Tom not only sounds like Jimmy Buffett but looks like him too! For the 2nd annual Jimmy Buffett night at GFS there were large crowds of "Parrot Heads" in beach attire, hats, flipflops, necklaces, and ready to party! The burgers were enjoyed by all as well as chicken, fries, fruit and more. Let's not forget the island drinks of all kinds were flowing. Throughout the evening of music there were many fun beach and sing along games led by Dave Sensius.Well done Dave!

The pictures say it all....the German Family Society certainly knows how to throw a party!
Special thanks goes to Jill Armbrust, Tony Leipold, Hannah Thompson, and Arron Engelhart for sharing their pictures.

Monday, August 24, 2015

Oktoberfest 2015 Program and Menu......Akron German Family Society

The German Family Society welcomes one and all for our 42nd Oktoberfest to be held Friday, September 11th through Sunday, September 13th. Please, see the below program for details of the homemade food, dances from our four dance groups, as well as band schedule. There is so much to see and enjoy!
You will love our new outside Kuchen Haus filled with delicious homemade German desserts. Our keg tapping is a great activity for adults to partake on Friday and Saturday of Oktoberfest! Children especially enjoy the Sunday of Oktoberfest with the many activities including a bounce house, balloon artist, face painting, games, and much more.
There will be tents to browse to purchase authentic German clothing. Our biergarten is definitely the place to be as you enjoy your favorite German bier!
Make plans to attend!

Thursday, August 20, 2015

"Top 10 Reasons" to register for the German Family Society's Lederhosen 5K-eg & 1 mile Fun Run & Toddler Dash!

Top 10 reasons to register for our German Family Society Lederhosen 5K & 1 mile Fun Run & Toddler Dash.

10. Always a great exercise and wear your German attire if you like!
9.   Support the Youth Group trip to Germany in the Summer of 2016
8.   Run with your friends and have fun! Hey stay later for our Oktoberfest!
7.   Meet new friends as the German Family Society welcomes all!
6.   Enjoy a great homemade sausage sandwich after the run.
5.   Enjoy an ice cold beer after the run,....with the delicious sausage sandwich!
4.   Take home an awesome shirt (guaranteed for registrations prior to August 29th) and awards too!
3.   There's even a "Beer Belly" division of runners to join in the fun run!
2.   Toddlers/little ones, and for those wanting to simply run or walk 1 mile, can have fun!
1. **Reminder, delicious sausage sandwiches and cold beer is waiting for you at the finish line!!

Who can pass this up while helping our Youth Group travel and perform in 2016 in Germany!
Go to the link and register at Lederhosen 5K-eg Run
Hurry, you don't want to miss our 1st annual
5-Keg Run!!