Akron German Family Society

Akron German Family Society

Friday, November 28, 2014

Traubenfest 2014 and Picture Blog..... Akron German Family Sociey

Traubenfest at the Akron German Family Society was met with a a sold out crowd. Guests came to enjoy an event that has all of the main ingredients for a Traubenfest; a delicious meal, a special wine tasting area including appetizers, hanging gifts and prizes for the children and adults, and a band to dance the night away. Not to mention, having your family and closest friends sharing in this special evening. Many of our clubs members have enjoyed this event so much that they invited their friends and neighbors to join this special evening. In fact, I had a chance to chat with friends, that I hadn't seen in years, after having been invited by their neighbors. It's to no surprise that our events are seeing larger crowds in attendance. The joy among our members is shared with those that are new.

Helga Hippich and her kitchen volunteers outdid themselves as the guests enjoyed the delicious homemade dinner of sarma (cabbage rolls), hand breaded country chicken, parsley potatoes, peas & carrots, salad and rolls. The desserts were homemade as well and equally enjoyed! Spass Band provided the entertainment and music for the evenings dancing and gift stealing.

The connection with the children, and their parents and family, during the festivities of Traubenfest is seen so clearly within the pictures captured by our very own club photographer, David Hall. David has a special talent in seeing the "best shot and moment" in a gathering of hundreds of people. As we near the end of the GFS 2014 season we look forward to our next events including the Weihnachts Programm (Christmas program) to be held on Sunday December 7th at 2pm and our Silvester Feier or New Years Eve program. Look for upcoming information on our New Years Eve party and how to get your tickets. These two fun events will complete an outstanding year.

Special thanks to David Hall for taking these outstanding pictures!

Rich Reikowski