Akron German Family Society

Akron German Family Society

Monday, August 25, 2014

Oktoberfest..."The invitation is everywhere"....Akron German Family Society

Oktoberfest at the Akron German Family Society promises to be an event you surely do not want to miss.
This is a fest for the senses!
"Hear" the polka and German songs playing throughout Donau Park from the inside and outside bands.
"Taste" the delicious homemade German foods.
"See" the joy in the thousands of faces as they enjoy time with their family and friends.
Come and enjoy the music, dancing, foods, drinks, and special time at this years Oktoberfest to be held from Friday September 5th to Sunday September 7th.

Where have you seen the Akron German Family Society's Oktoberfest flier??
Near a golf course in Brimfield? Near a restaurant in Kent?

Below, see where our patients might see it.
Where have you posted your flier?
Thank you!


In my office.....

 On Dr. Welman's wall.....

 On our waiting room doors....
 Near our front office staff.....
 On our sound-booth.....
 On our waiting room door....

 Here is the flier to copy and post in your work areas...:)

Monday, August 18, 2014

Oktoberfest 2014 at Akron German Family Society!

Great moments are had when spending quality time with family, friends, as well in making new friends. Laughter, fun, and special memories are sure to happen.
What better way to share in such moments than at our Oktoberfest, at the Akron German Family Society.
Savor the authentic homemade German foods from sausage, schnitzel, cabbage rolls (sarma), and rotisserie chicken dinners, to sandwiches including sausage, German franks, and hot dogs with sauerkraut. Throughout the park you will find hot pretzels, corn on the cob, and more delicious desserts than you can imagine....

Enjoy your favorite German beer in our outdoor "Biergarten"! It’s unique and can accommodate all who wish to enjoy a special German beer with their friends while listening to German music. In fact, many that have come from Germany say that our Biergarten is one in which they would visit in their homeland.

The volunteers at our club welcome one and all to partake in our Oktoberfest that attracts thousands of regular attendees. Come and see for yourself why so many make this a yearly Fall event. For the children, there are special attractions and games on Sunday.
Our Oktoberfest begins on Friday September 5th at 6pm until Midnight, Saturday September 6th at 4pm till Midnight, and Sunday September 7th from Noon till 7pm.

Entertainment will be enjoyed throughout the 3 day Oktoberfest with live bands. Please, see the attached picture with a complete list of the bands and entertainment.


Monday, August 11, 2014

Jimmy Buffet... "Bringing Sunshine Through the Rain" at Akron German Family Society

Tom Watt & the Fruitcakes brought the music of Jimmy Buffet to provide a wonderful evening on Saturday July 26th. Besides the music, there were games, delicious grilling, and parrot heads...we have no idea what that was about, but the parrots seemed to be having a good time!

On the band breaks, Dave Sensius was truly "an entertainer" as he gave the crowds exactly what they wanted in fun beach and music games.

Enjoy the photos, and please share your experiences.