Akron German Family Society

Akron German Family Society

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Fish Fry at Akron German Family Society Friday March 28, Hosted by Kindergroup.....

Come to the Akron German Family Society for our next “Fish Fry”, Friday, March 28 
Hosted by the Kindergroup. 

Time: 5:30-8:00 
Where: 3871 Ranfield Rd. Kent, OH  44240

Raffle Baskets:  (Tickets 1 for $1, or 6 for $5)

*Easter Bunny Baking Basket W/ Cupcake Holder
*European Chocolate Basket
*Carol Martin Salon Spa: Female Haircut + Mini-Pedi
*Carol Martin Salon Spa: 45 Minute Relaxation Massage
*Princess Basket
*German Beer and Snacks
*Akron Arts/Culture Basket
*Snow Much Fun Basket
*Lego Organizer

Basket drawing will take place at 8:30 on the night of each dinner. Winner need not be present to win. Participants will put their name and phone number on each raffle ticket. In event winner is not present, we will contact him/her by phone.

Big Ticket Basket: iPad 2 WiFi 16GB (with sleeve and screen protector)                                             (Retail value $400 for iPad alone)
**Big Ticket Basket “tickets” are $5 each, and are on sale at all 3 fish dinners. Drawing for iPad is held at the LAST fish dinner, April 11, at 8:30. Winner need not be present. Participants put name and phone number on each raffle ticket.

50/50 Raffle: Will take place each fish fry with drawing occurring at 8:30 the night of each dinner.  As with the other raffles, you need not be present to win. (Name/phone on raffle ticket will help in contacting the winner)

Costs:  **Cash only**                                                                                                                                 The fish dinner is $10 for adults and $6 for children 12 and under. The pasta dinner is $8 for adults and $5 for children 12 and under. Two sides will be provided with this meal. Let’s not leave out homemade potato soup and plenty of German desserts…..
100% of ALL proceeds to benefit the German Dance Groups for uniforms, travel, etc.

Fish Fry’s will also be held on the Friday’s of April 4th, hosted by the Junior Youth Group and April 11th, hosted by the Youth Group. Same time, place, great food, with new raffle baskets and 50/50.  
You’re more than welcome to bring your entire family and friends and a set of cards or a game to play.

Thank you for your support of our dance groups!

Friday, March 21, 2014

Schlachtfest 2014...through "new members" eyes...... Akron German Family Society

I had the great pleasure of speaking with two of our newest GFS members, Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Hruby who, having attended our festivals in the past and enjoyed their time spent here so much, decided to join.  We welcome them into our family.

Andrew and Sheron Hruby were in attendance at the annual Schlachtfest which was held Saturday, March 15, 2014 and they shared a few thoughts with me about their evening.

As they entered the club, they were welcomed at the ticket table by one of our club’s Vice Presidents, Michael Rodesheim.  Michael then directed them to their table just off of the dance floor. They settled in, found their way to the bar for some beverages and returned to their table where they met a very nice man who shared that he had been an active club member since its inceptionHe shared his experiences in WWII and his time in concentration camps, as well as his years as a member of the German Club. Their conversation was one in which they soon became friends. Sharing stories throughout the evening connected two generations and their life experiences.

The aromas coming from the kitchen were fantastic and they were ready to dig in!  For their meal they chose homemade sausage, sauerkraut, potatoes, goulash, and salad as well as a plateful of the homemade specialty meats including leberwurst(liverwurst), blutwurst(Blood Pudding),  and Schweinskopfsülze( Head Cheese). Their table-mates were inviting and the conversation continued about  the meal and how it reminded Andrew of the foods that he grew up eating and even though  he is from a different region in  Europe,  the food was quite similar to the homemade  sausages, wurst's, goulash, and sauerkraut that he fondly remembered having as a child and as a youth.

Sheron also had fond remembrances of her German background and heritage.  She said, “the people at the club were so friendly and welcoming, they seemed "like family" and made us feel at home.” She also enjoyed meeting all of the people at their table including one members’ son who had recently joined the club for the first time and in sharing, realized that they all had so much in common with their family heritage and customs. She enjoyed the many polkas and waltzes, played by the Peter Karsti Band, as this made her recall the dances from her youth.  “The music and the dancing were wonderful!” she said.

The Hruby's said that they are very much looking forward to the next event and to becoming active members!  Through the last several years, I have gotten to know them both and count them as my friends. When you meet them, I bet you will as well......
(special thanks to Jenn Herring for her proof reading talents....:) )

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Spring Cleaning at Akron German Family Society Saturday, March 22 at 9am

Calling all members to join in the "Spring Cleaning" this coming Saturday, March 22 at 9 am.
We have such pride in the beauty and cleanliness of our club. Let's join together to ensure that our facility is cleaned from top to bottom. Bring your buckets, gloves, and anything else you like. 
Hey, why not bring a friend! Lunch and drinks will be provided. This won't take long with many hands helping.

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Kindermaskenball 2014...a huge success! Akron German Family Society

Successful events result when they are led by genuinely involved and dedicated people. Not to mention the excitement and motivation led by Betty Leipold! The Akron German Family Society’s Kindermaskenball, or Masquerade Ball, was simply just that! Betty Leipold had the vision, drive, and hope of renewing the MaskenBall from nearly three decades ago.  Of course, this includes the dedication and commitment of many active club members to help carry out this successful event! Betty shared with me her ideas and thoughts on rekindling this event.

The Kindermaskenball was last celebrated at our club over 26 years ago. Betty recalled clearly how much the youth had enjoyed this celebration of music, dance, and fun games. At its inception, this event included the Kindergruppe, children ages 4-8, and was celebrated with the kids wearing costumes. Many of the parents enjoyed in the fun and wore costumes. They enjoyed live music played by Fred Leipold and Frank Bohnert, watching a magician performing magic, playing games, and even animals were brought from the Akron Zoo for the children to see, touch, and learn about. Betty recalls very well the joy seen in the children’s faces and the fun experienced by the children and adults.  

This year’s event, celebrated on Sunday February 23,  invited children ages approximately 3 years old to 12., in addition to parents, family, and friends. The club had a turnout beyond initial expectations with both the children and adults wearing masquerade masks. Fred Leipold and Rudy Stagl played dance favorites. There were many games, including cookies hanging on strings for the children to bite off, shaving cream on heads to see how many cheese puffs could sit on top, etc. The kids loved the many games led by Betty Leipold, Carolyn Langenfeld, and many helpers. The Magician was fantastic as he kept both the children and adults captivated. Crafts were available for the man kids to enjoy. The food including homemade sausage sandwiches, pizza, and other snacks were delicious!

This event will certainly become one that the Akron German Family Society will enjoy every year! To share a another thought from Betty, “by bringing the children together like this, it creates lifelong friendships and connections”. Carolyn Langenfeld commented that a friend of hers shared with her the idea of shaving cream game and that it was a "total hit". She was thrilled to see the kids of all ages enjoying themselves so much! "The afternoon flew by...there were games that we did not have time to play with the kids."

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Dear Kitchen Staff at the Akron German Family Society,..... "THANK YOU!"

Words speak for themselves.....However, words and a nice note are "Very special"!
The kitchen staff are like a talented artist or singer.....They make the work and what they do look easy and the result of what they do brings joy! We certainly know that the work in the kitchen is far from being easy, but the joy on the faces of the kitchen team is awesome to witness! I'm sure this thank you note also extends to the entire GFS catering team, including those that serve food and the drinks at the bar.. the list goes on....