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Akron German Family Society

Monday, December 30, 2013

A conversation with Joe Geiser...... Akron German Family Society

I am pleased to share this interview, between Rudy Stagl and Joe Geiser. For those that have read our recent GFS Newsletter, you will notice that this is the entire interview. The Newsletter version was edited for space. Please, share your thoughts....:) Nice work Rudy!

As we move to the New Year, I wanted to reflect on Joe Geiser, his long term as GFS president and a few of the many accomplishments he has done for the club. First let me tell you how I got to know Joe and how we  became good friends. I can't tell you when I first met Joe but I can tell you when we became friends. Joe and Konrad Pilz both working with the Youth Group decided they wanted to put a German band together. Joe was the oldest at around 18 years old and I was nearly the youngest at barely 13. We often played in Cleveland and in Mansfield and since I was simply was too young to drive, I often rode with Joe. My parents began to drive me to the Geiser home often early enough that I remember watching Hee-Haw on TV with Joe and his family. I was the oldest kid and with 3 younger sister and often looked up to Joe as an older brother. We continued this for many years until I left for the Military. We sang together and you can still catch us singing harmony together to songs like Belle Maria. I asked Joe if I could do an interview as President of the German Family Society and he was happy to oblige.
Rudy: What is one of your most memorable events at the club?
Joe: Hi Rudy thanks for interviewing me I'll try to do my best in answer all your questions for you.  One, actually I have a number of most memorable events, when I first took over as Jugend Leiter which was back in the early 70's one of the biggest success stories  that our youth group ever had  was our performances at the Ohio State Fair. We made more money in that one performance than we did in the previous 10 years as Youth group Income. Kids enjoyed it. Everything was free. It was just something  brand new for the kids. It was right about that time that our Youth group grew from around 25 kids to about 95 kids in the youth group, that was one, But moving forward the next memorable event was the purchase of our new facility. Everyone was really scared, we needed to get away from that Neighborhood and that was a big challenge and very memorable especially since what I noticed was all of our members, they just banded together and did what was needed to get it done and we worked together like one cohesive unit. So those  are probably two of the greatest events that I can think of at this time.
Rudy: What was your most embarrassing moments as president?
Joe: There was,  oh about 10 years ago at one of our fests, was really great event and I just got done making announcements on the microphone and a man came up and asked me if he could say few words and I thought what's he going to say?,  probably congratulate us on a great event.  Well instead of doing that he started lambasting Jews and it was about Nazis all that kind of stuff.  I was so embarrassed, I quickly took  the microphone away from him and apologized to all the people saying I'm very  sorry. I had no idea of what this man was going to say and thought he was going to congratulate us and I was never let this happen again. I apologized on his behalf. The way it sounds I'm pretty sure he was pretty inebriated. Ever since that I never allow anyone to talk on the microphone unless I know who they are or know what they want to talk about.

Rudy:  What was the most rewarding thing you experienced with the club?
Joe: Oh my gosh, I can't say a reward for me alone, but to me after 50 something years we're still in existence and were growing and were getting stronger, unlike a lot of other ethnic clubs, that have disappeared or gone by the wayside. We're still doing very well and to me that's my  greatest reward.  I think most of the people that work at our club, stay there is because the fact that we do work together, it's like one family unit that there is a future for our kids and grandkids with our culture and heritage.
Rudy:  What motivated you to take the position year after year?
Joe:  First of all I never knew I was going to take this position. I happen to come out to a meeting,  it's right after I got divorced and I hadn't been to meeting in over a year. They had elections and all of the sudden I didn't know Mr Bohnert was not going to be taking it anymore. So they always go around, "would you take it?" to one  or "would you take?" to others. Mrs Lehner nominated me for president and I said to her " I don't think I can handle that job yet", I was 38. She said "why not, you've been with the youth group, you've been with the Tanz group you know how the club works" To make a long story short she convinced me to take it but under one stipulation that I wanted to upgrade and modernize the way things work out at the club and hopefully get other younger people in my age range to help out and that think the same way , But to take it year after year, to me the reason I did that was because I think it's a worthwhile project. Look how many friends that you make over the years,  I've met more people, through the club than I ever would have in my lifetime, permanent and lifelong friends and to me that's the biggest reward its knowing that we do have such a large community of friends.
Rudy:  How did you handle decisions that some people did not agree with?
Joe:  Well, not always the best, I am Human and I may not always handled it the way I would have if I had a little time to think about it. But I would say the best thing to do is before you jump to any conclusion or do anything rash, sit back count to ten think little bit and then try to come up with the best answer to the problem and like I said I did make mistakes but the one thing I do want to say is, Whatever you do make sure what decisions that you make comes from your heart. Sometimes from the heart is much better than from your brain because the heart has feelings where the brain  just thinks logical, so whatever decision you make comes from your heart. and make sure your fully convinced that's what you want. If there are other distracters,  like people that disagree with you , you're in charge. If your let everybody decide everything by always voting, you'll never move ahead.
Rudy:  What was your biggest challenge in this position?
Joe:  Oh I would say keeping peace amongst the members, and keeping us moving forward. Always worried about the future and I say the greatest of all is keeping young people interested. That to me has always been my goal. As long a we have young people involved in our club we'll have a club. Now it may not be percentage wise like it was back in the 50's and 60's but look at how well we're doing compared to a lot of the other clubs. Keeping the young people interested, But!, at the same time never, ever, lose sight of the contribution of our seniors,  what I always said is, we need the experience of the older people and the fortitude and hard work that the young people can produce.
Rudy:  What do you consider your greatest success with the club?
Joe:  Aside from the one thing that I already mentioned, the fact that we still exist, to the strength that we have I think the additions that we've made to our club park and club building is part of it. Don't get me wrong that is, not myself alone should get the credit, there we're a lot of people involved there also, at the beginning talks, and a lot of opposition because many people were against expanding the size  and doing anything to improve because they thought that we would not be here in 5 years. And here it's 20 years later and we're still here. My opinion back then was we had a decent amount of money in our treasury. People at our annual meeting would always comment that we had so much money saved and in the bank and we were debt free, everyone would clap but at the same time our club was so small we could only have 100 or 120 people at each events and have to turn people away or so we're packed in like sardines that they did not want to come. So that became a priority to me with to try to do the best we can.  My thoughts were "spend the money now if we need it on the people that deserve it". Because we don't know who will be running the club in 50 years from now and they may not even care.
Rudy:  What is the Hardest part of this position?
Joe:  Oh my gosh, I got back to making decisions and standing by it. And Dealing with personal relationships its funny so many times I felt like I was Solomon from the Bible. Where I had to make a decision with members arguing between each other and they both threatening to quit. They wanted me to make the decisions who was right and who was wrong. One of the things that, Mr Rickert and Mr Holzer helped me with as Mentors, gave me this advise" Do your best possible, you always have to be diplomatic. You may not like the way you handled it personally but try Diplomacy. Its the most important thing. You can upset more people by making rash decisions or getting involved with one side or that other.
Rudy:  What Advice can you give me as I prepare to take this position?
Joe:  Again, before you make decisions go around to ask others what they would do. Get advice from other people, take time sit down, try not to make rash decisions, always think about things ahead of time, and always come prepared for the meeting. You have a fantastic board, and use them. I think the last 10 years I've been so happy with our board. I can't say enough about them. In the early days there were always arguments they weren't always serious but sometimes shouting matches. That hasn't happened in so long and I'm so happy our entire board works together and I think you as president need show them gratitude and thank them all the time.
Rudy:  What are your plans moving forward both you personally and with the club?
Joe:  Personally, I'm not ready to retire but I don't know how close that I am. I'm probably not going to retire completely I do have a lot of hobbies to tell you the truth as far as the club. I plan on staying as active as you guys let me be. Dont hesitate to c all me anytime, or just to ask my opinion.  I do want to stay active. With the Kulture director with Barbara I think I can help there. We worked together before as Jugend Leiter. I'll do my best to stay as active as my health will allow.
Rudy:  What message would you like to share with the members of the club as we face the beginning of the new year?
Joe:  Number one we have a new President, and want you all to know that I support him 100% and I ask the same of  everybody else too. Stand behind him, now you don't have to always agree with him  but support him and move forward and cut out the little nit-picky stuff and look at the greater picture. Question should always be, what is the best answer for the entire club and its entire membership. And if you look at it that way, I think you'll do well. Support your board, support your new president. I'll be there with him. I may not always agree with him as we have in the past but were still friends and we still  have the same intentions we just may have different angles to look at it  from. Eventually we come up with the right answer because if  we didn't do that we wouldn't be here anymore. I think  we've been successful as a club because we do work together. Remember key word, German Family Society.

Rudy: Thank you, Joe, for this fantastic interview. Your words of wisdom, insight and support are invaluable to me, the board and the membership as we move forward.  Know that we will call you for your opinion, guidance and help on future issues we will face.
Here is my advice for you, my friend:  Rest up, get well, regain your strength and come back to the club.  We Miss you, your ideas and your laughter.  Don’t worry about the small stuff and know that we have plenty of jobs we can use you for……… especially during the festivals. J  I look forward to having a shot with you soon and singing our old favorites together.

Monday, December 9, 2013

The GFS Weihnachts Christmas Program was simply amazing!

The 2013 GFS Weihnachts Christmas program was one of, if not the, largest attended in our club's history. The fascination of this very special event was experienced by so many familiar and new faces. Many new members, and their families, came to enjoy in this event with the performances of the Kindergruppe and Junior Youth Group. During this event you heard the children sing German Christmas songs, share the story of German Christmas history, dance, hear solo instrumental performances, and especially share in platters of delicious homemade cookies.

The children showed such joy, after their performances, when they heard Santa arrive with ringing bells and Ho Ho Ho.... He was received with the children running to the front of the club and surrounding him with cheers. Each child from newborn to the President of our club had a chance to sit with Santa for pictures....

The club was filled to the limit with hundreds of people. Many commented that they were so pleased with the filled hall.

Rudy Stagl, acting president, welcomed everyone to this joyous event and introduced as well the very special and momentous lighting of the blue candle near the end of the program. Mrs. Maria Rickert, Mrs. Barbara Tonhaeuser, and Mrs. Anna Koenig, together, lit the candle that symbolizes the national German connection with remembering our rich history. We come together in America to ensure that our connection with the German clubs throughout the US are held closely in beliefs in families and culture. We are also hopeful and wish good to all our members as well as their families near and far. Everyone together sang "Silent Night" first in German, and then in English. A great end to the Weihnachts program!
Helga Hippich, the Ladies Group President, also shared her joy and appreciation to the youth in their singing, words, and dancing as they conveyed such pride in their club.
A big thank you to Mr. Fred Leipold for providing his talents with the accordion. The music was exceptional!

Monday, November 25, 2013

Weihnachts Christmas Program Sunday December 8, 2013

The Akron German Family Society Weihnachts Christmas Program will begin at 2 pm on Sunday December 8th. This event is for GFS club members and their families.
The Kindergruppe and Junior Youth Groups promise to make this year's event very special. Reservations are not required, and entrance is free, however it is wise to come early as this program is one that many attend.

Liz Miller, Katrina Marmaduke, and Marie Powell lead the Kindergruppe. The Kindergruppe has a current total of approximately 40 children, ages 3 to 8 years old. They meet for practice at the club most every week throughout the year. The show they have prepared will involve dances, German singing, as well as stories in German. These children truly touch the heart during this show!
The Junior Youth Group, led by Carolyn Langenfeld and Lisa Blaser, will also be performing with songs, instrumentals, as well as dances. This show, inclusive of performances by these two groups, will surely be a wonderful combination. 

Homemade cookies, brought by countless members of Akron GFS, will be enjoyed on platters at each table. 
Santa will also be joining our Weihnachts program with gifts for each child! This is a great time for pictures.....
Come and enjoy fellowship with club members, meet new people, and enjoy the festivities of the Weihnacht Christmas Program!

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Celebrate "New Year's Eve" with Akron German Family Society

Join us at our New Year's Eve celebration at the Akron German Family Society.

Our club, and it's members, invite you to share special memories of 2013 and together bring in 2014 in Akron GFS style! The evening will begin with delicious hors d'oeuvre's at 6:30 and a homemade German dinner beginning at 7..... Let's not forget a champagne toast at midnight with your friends!
This year's event will be even more special as we invite the youth to join in the fun!
We have made it easy for families, with children 8 years old and older, to enjoy this special evening. We believe "families" together, sharing in this event, will create many years of wonderful memories. A special area and room in the club will be decorated for the youth to enjoy movies, games, and activities. The kids will have their fun and you will as well!
Parental supervision of children is required. No babysitting services will be provided.
Entertainment and dancing throughout the night, into 2014, will be with Spaß Band. 
Yes, our president Rudy Stagl, and his band promises to create some "Fun" for everyone to enjoy dancing to their favorite German and New Years songs!

Come and be with us as this is a night to join among friends to wish continued health, prosperity, and continued love for our families and each other.
Reservations are to be made in advance of December 23rd. Tickets for adults are $25 each and children ages 8 to 12 will be $10. Also, Junior Youth and Junior Group members will have a special reduced price of $10 each. Tickets may be purchased early at our upcoming GFS Christmas program on Sunday Dec. 8th.
Please, call to make your reservations with Fred Leipold at 330-923-7947.

Monday, November 11, 2013

German American Day..... at Akron German Family Society

 German American Day, as to tradition, is a day to celebrate the joining of two cultures and their traditions into one special event. The Akron German Family Society celebrated this event on Saturday October 19th with a large crowd. Many people came from surrounding cities including Cleveland. The evening began with a night, like no exception, with a delicious meal prepared by the kitchen staffed with many volunteers. During dinner Rudy Stagl, our club President, welcomed the attendees with a very meaningful description of our clubs history with regard to our German American heritage and culture. He spoke of the optimism that so many feel with our clubs future as we look at the growing numbers of our dance groups and the year's successful events including the Old European Fest and Oktoberfest. Entertainment was exceptional this night with Rudy Stagl's band, Spaß.

I had the pleasure in this evenings celebration by sharing what the Akron German Family Society means to me and my family. I have included my words below. 

Thank you Rudy for inviting me to speak and share my story. I'm happy to tell what this club means to me and my family.  

German American Day

A day to share two cultures, German and American, including language, customs, food and lives with each other. We respect and continue to follow traditions brought from Germany to those of America. Our families, representing this club tonight ofGerman descent to those of many throughout the world. 

I, as I am sure you, have been to events and festivals at many different clubs. We enjoy receptions, celebrations and events but can we say why those clubs are different than ours??? 

What makes our club different??

How many clubs have a Potato Queen?
How many clubs have such authentic and delicious food?

As I think about those questions, the answers are so very easy and for so many reasons. 

Over 12 years ago, my wife Terry and I attended our first club event, the Old European Fest with at that time our daughter Catherine 2 months old, ....in a front carrier, near my chest.  We walked around and explored the club and came to the edelweiss Haus. We ordered various foods including a sausage sandwich. It tasted fantastic!.... 
As I turned around to look for Terry I saw her give me a look like "I really can't believe you just did that or I can't take you anywhere." 
Looking down, I now understood the reason for the look..... Catherine's white bonnet, just 6 inches or so from my chin had a large mustard spot. I couldn't believe it. instinctively, I wiped the mustard with a napkin but that simply spread it. What was I thinking? 

As I talked with Terry about our first time coming to the Old European Fest, she brought up a great point....

"she asked me, can you imagine that so many years ago, in the crowds with all the people we must have glanced or walked by while exploring, would now have become such close friends,..... here in this club!!" That hit home, she was so right. 

As Rudy mentioned earlier of the 57 million Americans that can trace their heritage back to Germany, I can as well and especially Terry, my wife. The connection to this club is so very special as her grandparents came from Germany to be one of the founding members of the German Sports Club in Ft. Wayne, Ind.  Their club is based on Sports, primarily soccer. Marty and his team has played there many times. Terry has mentioned that her grandfather Gustav and her grandmother Rose Wiedemann were connected personally to the club. (In this club, we are as well) 
This relationship, so very special, that my wife and her grandmother had, has created a desire in Terry as well as I, to become a part of this club and her ad our heritage. I recall meeting Rose and her sharing the experience of traveling to America on a ship, traveling many days, in her early teens. Rose passed away nearly 8 years ago. Truly, a special and kind woman. A perfect grandmother that was so very caring of of others. 

In this club I see many people that mirror these qualities. We each can think of several people around us that fit these qualities. 
We would be fortunate to be described in this way,...... as we age. 
As I mentioned earlier, the welcome and kindness of our members tend to create in others the "want" to be a part of what we have and experience at our club. 
I recall a great memory near 10 years ago, that exemplifies and stands for  the character of our members. While beginning in the Tanzegruppe,  many of us in the dance group met on a Sunday in our kitchen. We came together to learn how to make a German meal. I'm sure you all may know who this kind woman is who was so generous with her time, Anna Konig. Anna shared with us her skills in preparing this authentic meal. This was a big deal for me as well as the others. Anna has shared with me many times that she is more than willing to offer to do this again. Something, I want to be a part of.....
What we have is a rich pride in German American heritage that places others first, places our culture in a position of respect in who we are and what we do...., and that most importantly helps our youth to share in this.

I recall talking with a member a year or so ago about our clubs New Year's party and she shared memories of her family, being together in this yearly event.
It was not only a custom to be together as a family but it was one in which, as the years progressed, was something that was instilled in their children's families. How can you not want to be a part of that? It's so important that we are each genuinely involved in our club's activities, as well as to promote this to others. 

Rudy mentioned a few moments ago, about our Kindergruppe to the Youth dance groups, and their abundance of children joining. I agree with Rudy, as well as the parents involvement, to help this to happen.  

There is a great responsibility that begins with the consistency of the parents, and then as the children grow, to pass the responsibility and "want" to the children, to come out as they age to continue to be involved.

I have a great sense of pride in seeing my children grow and becoming more involved in our club activities. They began in the Kindergruppe, then the junior Youth, and soon the Youth group. I am very hopeful, as their lives progress, that they have a want and a desire to remain connected in this club through the many ways that are possible, I look at them with pride. I think we all do as our children are a part of our lives. Several members, through the past years have told me that this club has allowing their children to develop and have genuine "life-long friends". I believe this to be true. Look around us......I see this in the adults and their friends, that were not too long ago considered in the "youth of our club".

I know many of us, including myself, would describe our children and youth of this club to be " Our Future ".  We think of our children often as who they are and what they might become. I heard the other day a different perspective and love it!!...... 

"Our children are our Present.....Here and Now"....... Our children are our present....
That truly hit me as I can understand now what he meant. We watch our children perform and praise them, we see our children volunteer at the wedding reception events that we provide here, we see our children volunteer in the game tables, pretzel, and making lemon aid as well as many other areas. 
I believe, with encouragement, and listening to our youth in their views and ideas they will personally become involved for the same reasons their parents and we are eager to do what we do at this club. 
Our youth, and us all, will ensure for the present and future success of our club. The success of our "German American culture". For our youth to believe and want to be a part of what we do is an accomplishment that is so very valuable. To dance with each other, to remain connected with their friends as they age and want to continue to meet new dancers and friends is admirable. To work side by side with their parents and see their enjoyment in countless hours of labor for sharing their German American culture, with pride, is a life accomplishment.!!!!
"THIS is what makes me want to become a part of the rich history of our club. 

There is a pride in our club that is seen in the involvement of so many committed volunteers. This is evident in the countless hours so many commit to in their work in the kitchen and their teaching of the younger generation. The team that prepares the grounds, parks the cars, greets the guests. All volunteers! I have been told that our club, is one of, if not the only German club that is solely ran by volunteers. This is something to admire and be proud!
Is it to anyone's surprise to see why it is a real honor to be a part of this club and to be included as a volunteer. Over this past year, and years prior, I have learned so much of our rich culture with people's stories and experiences of life in Germany, their customs of preparing foods such as Sarma, schnitzl, and sausage, smoking meats and making wine. It's my goals to learn each of these....
I enjoy sharing these stories of our clubs events in the Germania paper articles.

I count myself blessed, to be immersed and welcomed into what we all share at this club. 
My family, and each and every one of us here, are connected with such rich heritage and customs. In this room tonight, as I look at your faces, I see those that are related to each other in many ways. To be welcomed into these traditions of food, service to others during events, as well as within dancing, is one that I place a high value to be a part of.
I, as I'm sure many here tonight, find a connection with each other.  We care for and respect how each of our families are connected and very importantly how we invite and welcome new friends and families to share in this club. 

I hope to continue the welcoming of others to our club, as was shown to me and my family.
Thank you!

Rich Reikowski

Traubenfest at Akron German Family Society Nov 9, 2013

The Akron German Family Society celebrated the Traubenfest or "Grape Fest" on November 9th, with a crowd coming to have a great time. The wine tasting area, fully decorated, as if you were in a wine region, as well as the accompanying appetizers area of various cheeses, crackers, and chocolates was a special touch. There we many new faces and friends to meet last night that came to share in this event. Hank Haller Band provided the audience with outstanding dance music. The food was outstanding from pork loin, baked chicken, potatoes, salad, and delicious desserts.
The night became much more exciting when it came to the part when the children and adults attempt to steal from the hanging gifts from the lattice, suspended from the ceiling. This is time in the night that many look forward to! It's a must to try not to get caught by the surrounding youth group dance members that are watching for those that steel. If caught, you are taken to the jail, and if you're lucky, someone will come and bail you out. This is a lot of fun! Our club continues to witness our members creating memories that will last years. New generations of youth are rising to the responsibility of carrying on such fun and meaningful events such as the one we celebrated tonight the Traubenfest!
Mark your calendar for 2014, to attend this GFS!!
Children truly find the Traubenfest one of the most fun, inside events at the club!
Jail was a place for sharing in what was just taken and looking over the items! Sometimes you weren't sure what might be in the brown bag that was pulled from the ceiling lattice. Always a fun surprise!

Fun in the jail.....Well, at least for many. :)

Anne and John were having fun on the dance floor!

Terry and I love this event!

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Honorary President Joseph Geiser

 This blog is shared with such an honor, to announce Jospeh Geiser, as Honorary (Ehren) President of the Akron German Family Society. The Akron GFS Board met on Sunday, November 3, as a special request by Rudy Stagl, VP (Interim President) to propose this nomination. The board unanimously approved this nomination and honor.
I am pleased to share this nomination with our readers. In addition, it is with pleasure to congratulate Rudy Stagl as President. 
Please, share your words and thoughts of these two special announcements.

Rudy Stagl, VP( Interim President)
German Family Society
Subject: Proposal to nominate and accept Joseph Geiser as Honorary ( Ehren ) President.

As per our constitution, I am submitting in writing this letter to request that our current President, Joseph Geiser be nominated to Honorary ( Ehren) President status.
Joe has been involved as a board member for over 40 years and has spent the last 22 years as president. Under his leadership, the German Family Society has seen exponential growth. Joe has given so much of his life towards the success of our club, his dedication and hard work can be measured by the success of our organization today.
Joe has decided that due to his illness he can no longer maintain his position as President and will no longer seek the office for 2014.
I hope we can nominate and accept him as our next Ehren President.


Rudy Stagl, VP

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Spaß = Fun..... at Akron German Family Society

The Akron German Family Society has close roots to one of the best German bands in the region, 
Spaß Band,  or Spass Band meaning "Fun".
Our very own club's president, Rudy Stagl, is one of the four members of the Spass Band. 

The band, joining in July 2012, has had a year filled with many events and performances including the cities of Toledo, Detroit, Cleveland, and Akron to name a few. 
Rudy, and his three band members, have entertained at our club events and most recently at our Oktoberfest and German American Day. This year's Oktoberfest set record numbers of people enjoying this truly genuine event celebrating our heritage of authentic and homemade food, German beer, and dancing, and well, just about everything you would ever want in an Oktoberfest. 
The Spass Band had the crowds cheering and dancing throughout the Oktoberfest and at our German American Day celebration.

Prior to joining Spass Band, Rudy played bass guitar with "Die Kavaliere" for 15 years from the very early 70's until 1984. He also played for several years, in the 80's, with the Edelweiss Band with Guenter Moellmann at the German American Club. 

Let me share a little with you about the other Spass Band members. Their talents, having many years of experience playing in German bands throughout the Ohio and surrounding areas, certainly show on stage and in their music and singing. Herb Teubl, plays guitar and is the band leader. Herb is a member of the Donauschwaben Club at Lenau Park and played with The Goldene Sterne Band from the late 70's and 80's. John Ordosch, plays the accordion, keyboard, as well as sax. Erhardt Bell,  is the band's drummer. Both John and Erhardt are  from the Sachenheim Club in Cleveland. John played with Starlight Band, also a German Band from the 80's. Erhardt Bell's was a long time member of the music program, his father ran the Sachenheim Music program, headed up the Cuyahoga County Oktoberfest and the Hofbrauhaus in Cleveland.
We are pleased to have Spaß Band perform for our New Year's Celebration at our club this year. 

We are looking forward to our upcoming Traubenfest, at the Akron German Family Society on Saturday, November 9th at 6pm. The event will celebrate the grape festival with the hall decorated in a winery atmosphere and areas to enjoy wine tastings. Especially, the kids and adults will have fun on the dance floor in search of prizes  and gifts hanging among the grapes vines.... Come and enjoy!!!

Please, share your thoughts on our blogs. 

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Welcome to the Akron German Family Society "Blog"

It's very easy to share what makes the Akron German Family Society so special and inviting. How many wonderful moments and memories are made when walking through our entrance doors....

In continuing efforts to spread this news, the Akron GFS Blog was created. Our blog's purpose, in conjunction with our website, www.germanfamilysociety.com as well as our Facebook page, Akron German Family Society, is to share our heritage, special upcoming and recent events, and to very importantly communicate this with you.  We welcome your thoughts and sharing.
Be on the lookout for regular Akron GFS topics and posts....